Client: ScubaPro (Fall 2018)

Sony FS7 | Sestri Levante, Italy


~7" Touch Screen Monitor

~4x 660gb CF Express Cards

~PL/EF Mount

~4x Core SWX 150wh Batteries


~Zeiss ZF.2 Milvus (Duclos Cine-Mod EF)


~Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Vest

~Arri MFF-2 Cine Follow Focus (15mm)

~Bright Tangerine Misfit 3-Stage Matte Box

~Odyssey 7Q+ Monitor and Raw Recorder

IMG_0743 2.JPG

~6x 128gb Sony XQD Cards

~4x  Core SWX 150wh Batteries

~SmallHD 503 Ultrabright Monitor

~Sony G Master 16-35mm, 24-70mm, & 70-200mm

IMG_1950 2.jpg

~DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal (30lb Payload Capacity)

~Tilta Nucleus M Two-Motor System

~Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Clamp on Matte Box

~Teradek Bolt Pro 500 HDMI/SDI

~Ready Rig GS with Pro Arms


~O'Connor 1030DS Tripod

~SmallHD 702 Bright Handheld Director's Kit

~21" Flanders Scientific Client Monitor

~Sony A7S III & Sony A7R IV w/Sony 50mm 1.2 Lens

~Sennheiser MKH 416 w/Sennheiser G4 Lav Kit

~3x LitePanels Gemini 1x1s